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What about names for your pets? We’ve got some naming ideas. If you’d like a random name for your dog or cat, check out the free GigglePets’ Random Pet Name Generator tool and our Dog Age Calculator tool.

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Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

Another question we often get asked is “Can dogs eat popcorn?” Movie nights are the best, right?  Well, cleaning up the mess is not.  Luckily you have a companion to help you clean up the mess. And when that companion…
December 10, 2020

Fruits and Vegetables Dogs Can or Can’t Eat

We are often asked what Fruits and Vegetables Dogs Can or Can't Eat!  Are you looking for a better diet and nutrition for your dog, along with  sweet-fruity treats to give them but are unsure of its health benefits or…
November 18, 2020

10 Lazy Dog Breeds

Today we have for you 10 Lazy Dog Breeds!  If you're a busy individual who works a lot, lives in a small place, and enjoys your time in bed snuggling. Guess what? There's one dog breed that instills the same…
October 27, 2020

Dog Nail Bleeding: Tips & Tricks To Help

How to stop dog nail bleeding is one of the most frequently asked questions in the canine hall of fame. Nail cutting is undoubtedly the first step to dog grooming. Even though it seems all easy and effortless, it might…
October 18, 2020
Best Dog ProductsDogs

Best Puppy Sleep Training Products

Why would someone ask for the best puppy sleep training products when your puppies can sleep with you peacefully? Here's why. Puppies are beautiful creatures. One day they would want to play with you all day, but other days, they…
October 1, 2020

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