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A dogs age develops at a faster rate than humans. One way to calculate your dog’s age is to multiply his estimated current age by seven, this formula is not 100% accurate depending upon different breeds of dogs, however you can get a close idea by using our dog age calculator tool.

If you have owned a dog for quite some time you probably would like to know your dog’s exact age. Since dogs are different than humans, they age differently. During their first few years of life they mature rapidly from puppyhood to adulthood.

When calculating the age of your dog, several factors matter such as the breed and size of the dog. Vets suggest smaller dogs tend to live longer than medium and larger ones.

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Tips To Determine your Dog’s Age

You do not always have to use our Dog Age Calculator, no matter how old or young your canine seems there is always an easy way to have a rough idea of their age.

A dog’s teeth can help in guessing their age:

8 weeks: Baby teeth are in.

7 months: All permanent teeth are in. Teeth are white and clean.

1-2 years: Teeth are dull or discolored. The back of the teeth might turn yellow because of plaque or other dental diseases.

3-5 years: All teeth may have tartar buildup and some tooth wear.

5-10 years: Teeth show more wear and signs of disease.

10-15 years: Teeth are wasted, and heavy tartar might buildup. Some teeth might be missing!

Pet owners usually get an idea by examining the teeth of their dogs but sometimes the age is not evident by teeth. In such cases your vet might examine your dog and check for some signs to determine the age of your age. Older dogs might show some signs of aging such as cloudy eyes, joint pain, grey hair, loose skin and stiff legs.

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