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Tips and Tricks For Dog & Cat Owners

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Here at GigglePets, we provide you with the best original Tips & Tricks for Cat and Dog owners.  Tired of going around in circles, finding information you need? Look no further.

We’ve got articles on caring for dogs and cats – on diet, training, general health, behavior, grooming, personal stories, playing, Dog Quotes and just living with your pet!  Simple and easy to use information, that’s what we’re all about.

What about names for your pets? We’ve got some naming ideas. If you’d like a random name for your dog or cat, check out the free GigglePets’ Random Pet Name Generator tool and our Dog Age Calculator tool.

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What Your Dog Is Trying To Tell You

Decoding Canine Language: Master the Art of Understanding What Your Dog is Trying to Tell You through Body Language and Vocalizations Have you ever looked at your dog and wished they could talk? Well, they do—just not in human language.…
May 31, 2023

How To Stop Your Dog From Barking All Night

Discover effective ways to stop your dog from barking all night. Improve your sleep and your dog's well-being with these proven methods. Excessive barking from dogs throughout the night can significantly impact both dog owners and their neighbors. The constant…
May 18, 2023

75 Best Male Dog Names

Explore the Top 75 Best Male Dog Names for Your Furry Friend | Our List Features Classic, Unique, Trendy, Historical, and International Names Your male dog is more than just a pet, he's a part of your family. That's why…
April 27, 2023

7 Best Guard Dogs For Families

Discover the Top 7 Best Guard Dogs for Families: Keep Your Home Safe and Secure with These Trustworthy and Loyal Canine Companions The safety and security of our family is of utmost importance, and a guard dog can play a…
April 20, 2023

7 Best Low Maintenance Pets For Small Apartments

Discover the Top 7 Best Low Maintenance Pets For Small Apartments - Perfect Companions for Busy Lifestyles! Pets have long been popular companions for humans, offering unconditional love, companionship, and a sense of comfort. However, owning a pet can be…
April 19, 2023

Trending Pet Name Ideas