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110 Japanese Names for Dogs

By May 20, 2021May 28th, 2021Pet Names

Are you looking for a name that defines your dog’s personality perfectly? Well, in that case, we might have a list of cute dog names for you. 

If you own a Japanese dog breed or you are a person who happens to be strongly influenced by the Japanese culture and heritage, why not give a Japanese-inspired name to your pup?

Japan is an incredible country known for its beautiful yet complex customs and traditions. With a language that is centuries old, spoken by more than 137 billion people, it has proven to be not an easy language to learn. Lucky for you, there is no need to take language classes to give your dog a unique Japanese dog name. We have it all covered for you!  Whether you are a traveler or someone greatly inspired by the Japanese language or anime, you might want to look for Japanese words that describe your pup’s characteristics the best. For example, if you own a lazy dog breed, Taidana (lazy), Jin (placid), Kuma (round) might be the best pick for him. 

Let’s start with some facts; Japanese dog breeds are famous for their pointed ears, curled-up tails, big-doe eyes, and variety in size, big, medium, or small. Shiba Inu, Kishu, Shikoku, Tosa are the most famous Japanese dog breeds that are well-liked in the world for their playful, goofy, and witty nature. Therefore, names like Sachiko (joyful), Etsuko (child of joy), Takara (treasure), Akiko (bright child) suits these dog the best. 

Here we have enlisted popular Japanese Names for Dogs that appeal to most dog owners.

Japanese Dog Names

Japanese names are unique and short, which makes it easy for you to call out.  The following names have various meanings and history behind them.  From flowers to the four seasons of the year and different colors that highlight your dogs prominent personality traits. 

  1. Airi
  2. Asuka
  3. Azumi
  4. Ayame
  5. Aya
  6. Ayano
  7. Amaya
  8. Aizen
  9. Asami
  10. Akira
  11. Bashira
  12. Botan
  13. Beluga
  14. Benten
  15. Bonsai
  16. Blaze
  17. Bruiser
  18. Chiyo
  19. Chiko
  20. Chō
  21. Dai
  22. Danuja
  23. Daiki
  24. Emi
  25. Emika
  26. Etsu
  27. Eri
  28. Hiro
  29. Haru
  30. Hei
  31. Homura
  32. Haruko
  33. Hana
  34. Ima
  35. Ito
  36. Isamu
  37. Izumi
  38. Jun
  39. Junko
  40. Jiro
  41. Juro
  42. Jin
  43. Keiji
  44. Kiwa
  45. Koko
  46. Kokora
  47. Koji
  48. Kiku
  49. Kimi
  50. Ken
  51. Kazuto
  52. Kin
  53. Mitsu
  54. Mikka 
  55. Mikan
  56. Miya
  57. Minami
  58. Momo
  59. Misa
  60. Miwa
  61. Mai
  62. Makoto
  63. Michio
  64. Midori
  65. Miki
  66. Mitsu
  67. Naomi
  68. Nara
  69. Naoki
  70. Natsuo
  71. Nishi
  72. Norita
  73. Nori
  74. Noa
  75. Noriko
  76. Natsu
  77. Okimi
  78. Origami
  79. Osaka
  80. Osamu
  81. Oki
  82. Okshi
  83. Onyx
  84. Pikachu
  85. Pochi
  86. Ryo
  87. Rukia
  88. Shiki
  89. Sika
  90. Sakura
  91. Sora
  92. Shun
  93. Takara
  94. Tori
  95. Tora
  96. Tadashi
  97. Tomo
  98. Utano
  99. Usaji
  100. Udon
  101. Vegeta
  102. Wakumi
  103. Wasabi
  104. Wakana
  105. Yotu
  106. Yumi
  107. Yaso
  108. Yuri
  109. Yuna
  110. Yoshi



It does not matter if you own a Japanese dog breed or not.  Japanese names for dogs are very cool and historic!   Need more Pet Name ideas? Visit our free Pet Name Generator Tool and pick the best one for your dog!


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