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10 Lazy Dog Breeds

By October 27, 2020Dogs

Today we have for you 10 Lazy Dog Breeds!  If you’re a busy individual who works a lot, lives in a small place, and enjoys your time in bed snuggling. Guess what? There’s one dog breed that instills the same characteristics as you and that is Lazy Dog Breeds.

As much as human loves a good nap, dogs are no different. There is a whole list of pups who value their snuggles and cuddles. These dogs are often the least energetic ones but full-time couch potatoes.

As “lazy” as these dogs are, they are beautiful companions when you don’t want to go out and nap your day off. 

Although spending your entire day with your pet sounds fun but make sure your dog gets enough exercise regardless of its breed. Like people, dogs of whichever breed must exercise to stay fit and cut the risks of developing many heart diseases and arthritis. But, if you find your dog laying all day on your sofa or its favorite spot then, you might have welcomed a lazy dog breed in your home.

10 Of The Best Lazy Dog Breeds Of All Time

Here are some of the most adorable, downright lazy dog breeds of all time.

Chow Chow

Chow chows are known to be cleanest out of all dogs and somehow taken as catlike due to their fastidious nature. They are one of the small lazy dog breed kind from China, having peculiar traits such as deep almond eyes, a colossal head pitched with a mane of brown, cinnamon, cream hair, and most important physical feature, its blue-black tongue.

As per a Chinese legend, Chows (short for Chowchow) got their blue tongue after licking the blue hues of the sky when the world was creating. If you love its unique appearance then, think about adopting this beautiful and loyal friend.


This purebred is the most affectionate gentle and friendliest one amongst all but don’t be belittled by its appearance. Looks can deceive. As gentle as it is, it could be a little feisty and snappy to louder individuals.

Maltese are known for their silky white fur covering their bodies, dropping from their shoulders. It is said that many years before, Maltese used to be born with different colors other than white but, these days, we find them with white hair only. With that being said, this lazy dog breed thrives in a small little place, playing indoors, and enjoys affection from its owners.

Shih Tzu

The laziest dog breed amongst all is this Chinese cute little ball of fluff, which has a body slightly longer than it is supposed to be with the height it has. Shih Tzu is one of the smallest breeds of dogs, extremely friendly, patient, and a perfect watchdog. Tzu is also great with other pet mates and is painfully affectionate towards its owner and friends. However, it needs training and a lot of attention since it relies on humans considering them as its pack mates. Rules should be made clear from the very beginning. Other than that, they get along with everyone very well. These are perfect for small apartments; however, their small size can sometimes put them at a disadvantage with the constant need for supervision and attention when with other pets or children.


These are the ‘ gentle giants’ that need your petting and scratches now and then. Even though they are big, they are perfect for apartments as they aren’t much energetic but love their naps on your couch. Bullmastiffs are extremely gentle and loyal to their owners. If you’re looking for a brave and affectionate companion then, Bullmastiff might be the one for you.


Probably my favorite from our list of 10 Lazy Dog Breeds.  Pugs are famed for their friendly nature. These are great family dogs who love and adore people and might as well be the best to their pet mates. Pugs are sturdy dogs that are known to be the Clown of Canines of the world. Although they are all gentle and cute to their owners, they might also be a little mischievous. They have got a great sense of humor and can leave you laughing for hours.

Pugs are a small breed of dogs and that is why they are perfect for your small space. All they need is a little run down to one or two blocks for a day and a little bit of fetch and catch.


It might come as a shock to see Greyhounds in this list of lazy breeds; however, as much as they are known for their racing, they get tired quickly and, soon collapse taking their ‘world-class nappers’ title with them. Although it is believed that greyhounds are bred to run after foxes and deer as they make a great hunting dog but, they are generally harmless, quiet, and obedient.

They are a part of those lazy dog breed that shed minimally to average depending on the time of the year and the climate. If you’re thinking of adopting this pup, you need to look for some coats and jackets for it as well. Because of its thin coat of skin, it cant survive harsh weather changes.

Coton De Tulear

This dog is very easy-going, compliant, and flexible to their owner’s schedule and lifestyle which makes them city-loving. It makes friends with almost everyone, extremely affectionate and gentle.

This breed of small lazy dogs does require longer walks once a day. However, they value a good cuddle in between their walks. Its cheerful and mirthful personality will forever keep you smiling throughout the day.


This large dog breed is known for its cute wrinkles and snores and probably the laziest dog breed of all time. Its ‘laziness’ credit can be given to its rather large physique and a flat nose, which causes difficulties in breathing hence, makes it strained easily. Like other dogs, they also need good exercise so that they won’t be at a high risk of developing obesity and heart diseases.

Great Dane

These are the largest and probably the tallest breeds of dogs living as of now. These gentle giants are most playful and friendly with children. Though, the owner has to arrange a space keeping in mind the size of this cuddly giant pup, which can be costly sometimes. Too much exercise can often cause muscle or joint strain so, be careful when you leave with your dog to visit a park.

Great Danes get along with other pets as well if they’re raised with them; however, some might be a little too aggressive with stray dogs or the dogs they don’t like.

Saint Bernard

If you don’t mind a little drool on you, this dog is probably the best one for you to bond with. In old times, Saint Bernard served as guard dogs. Whereas, these days, they have become family-friendly pets. They are huge but very affectionate, gentle and, pretty much friendly to whomever they meet.

Despite being huge, Saint Bernards are indoor dogs who love to snooze all day. They are very playful and enjoy small spaces as well. However, they need exercise to keep their muscles running all day.


So there you have it, 10 Lazy Dog Breeds!  Puppies are adorable creatures. However, before you go and adopt them, make sure you have conducted all your researche about them.  Whenever you are making a decision on which dog breed to get, everything about lazy dog breeds should be kept in mind. Be it their diet, exercise, or resting hours.

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