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Are Dogs Color Blind?

By January 30, 2020June 12th, 2020Dogs

We’ve heard of statements saying dogs only see in black and white but is it true? Research shows that dogs see more colors than just shades of gray.

Dogs are dichromatic and not trichromatic like humans are. This means they are able to see colors in shades of blue and yellow as well and are not able to distinguish shades of red and green as well as we do. For example, a bright red object may appear to be brown and lush green fields may appear to be sun burnt.

The difference in color perception is due to dogs having more rods than cones in the retina. This aids in hunting and tracking movement in low light conditions. In comparison, humans have more cones than rods. This means having a larger range of visible colors and varying shades in bright light.

The next time someone asks you, “Are Dogs Color Blind?”, you now know the answer! They are, to a certain extent.