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Best Hypoallergenic Dogs For Adoption

By March 15, 2021Dogs

Are you looking for the Best Hypoallergenic Dogs For Adoption?  Are you afraid that it may welcome allergies along with them in your house? Well, in that case, you no longer need to worry! According to the Asthma And Allergy Foundation Of America, only three out of 10% of people in the U.S show allergic reactions to dogs and cats. So congratulations to you, you are not alone in this. 

It is highly unusual to see people wanting to adopt pets even after their obvious allergic reactions to them; however, it is not unusual to see these people yield to the cuteness of these precious little fellas, and we definitely don’t blame them! 

And if you are one of those individuals who can’t go near a harmless little pup without sneezing your guts out, hypoallergenic dogs are the one for you. 

So, you might ask, “what are hypoallergenic dogs?” We are here to answer your question!

Hypoallergenic dogs are the best option for potential dog owners who need a sneeze-free companion beside them. They do not shed, and hence, prevent the risks of evoking sneezing fits in individuals with existing allergies. Besides that, hypoallergenic dogs are not just limited to one breed, in fact, there are countless breeds of dogs, whether small or large, that are hypoallergenic and with a non-shedding coat. 

So here we have listed the Best Hypoallergenic Dogs For Adoption for you to decide which one is the best for you! 


The Poodle has successfully made up to The Top 10 of The American Kennel Club’s list of popular dog breeds, and we are not surprised. Poodles are recognized as the best hypoallergenic dogs. They are available in Standard-large, miniatures, and Toy forms — varying in sizes. Besides that, they are among the smartest and easy to train family dogs

As to their haircoat, Poodles shed little to no hair, and that is why owners prefer simple short haircuts, which make the maintenance a lot easier. However, you can still outgrow their hair but be sure to brush them often!

Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested dogs, often called Powderpuffs, are the best hypoallergenic dogs for adoption. They come in both varieties; hairless and coated. It is almost impossible for a hairless Chinese crested dog to shed, and even the coated ones shed less that they can be the best choice for you as well, if not the hairless ones. 

However, both types would require grooming sessions, proper skin care, and a hair care routine with regular brushing.   Without a doubt, Chinese Cresteds are fun, playful, and the best hypoallergenic dogs for you. 

Scottish Terrier

It is most famous because of its appearance in the all-time-favorite movie Lady and The Tramp. 

The main characteristic of this dog breed is the weather-resistant coat that protects it in every climate. The Scottish Terrier is among the best-small hypoallergenic dogs that require brushing daily, trimming twice yearly, and overall low maintenance frequently. 

They make up a loyal companion. Although they can be a little stubborn sometimes, they have long lifespans and a good health balance. 


The toy Maltese is the most popular with a long lifespan of 13-15 years, very affectionate, weighs less than 7 pounds, and despite looking like little fur-balls, these dogs do not shed as much as many dogs. They are friendly, adorable, small, and widely known for their white fur. 

Malteses are the owner of the small and irresistible face, big-doe dark eyes, and a black dome-shaped nose, small-sized, tiny frame —  making them the perfect lap dogs. 


We are aware that it is a difficult name to pronounce for almost everyone. That is why it is shortened to Xolo or Show-low.

These dogs come in three different sizes and two types; hairless and coated. It is very uncommon for the coated dogs to shed, while on the other hand, hairless dogs do not shed at all. Xolos are popular for their wrinkled foreheads, and due to their hairless nature, they require a good skincare routine, especially when going out in the sun. 


Popular because of their nickname “Monkey dog”. Affenpinscher or Affens are known because of their wiry fur, and like most dogs, they do require brushing sessions. But overall, they do not shed like most dogs with or without proper care, and this is why they are the best hypoallergenic dogs for individuals with allergies. 

Moreover, Affens are fearless, funny, and confident toy-sized companions that will cheer up your day every time you feel a bit gloomy. 

Border Terrier

Border Terriers were originally bred for hunting foxes and rodents; however, these strong and fierce breeds of dogs can also be a part of the family. They are good watchdogs, adorable companions, and shed very little. They require weekly brushing and grooming sessions. 

If you are a busy individual with existing allergies, Border Terrier might be one of you. 

Afghan Hound

You might have first-hand doubts when seeing an Afghan Hound for the first time. Their long silky locks and fuzzy coats give a wrong impression but, we assure you that these beautiful species of dogs shed very infrequently. As they grow older, they require trimming and long brushing sessions; however, if you are thinking of getting an Afghan pup, you do not need to worry! As puppies, they have short coats and small locks but as they become fully-grown dogs, the story is quite different. 

Besides that, Afghan Hounds are very devoted and loyal to their owners, which makes them a perfect family dog. 


Basenjis are popular among dog lovers and they are often called ‘barkless dogs’. They are perfect hypoallergenic dogs because of their short hair coats, which require occasional brushing and limited grooming sessions. 

If you are a person who does not like to run quite often then, Basenjis might not be the one for you. This dog breed is naturally very active and loves to run around. 

Bichon Frise

If you love a cute, fluffy, and cuddly puppy that does not shed as well, Bichon Frise is your best friend in this regard. 

The most strange fact about Bichon Frise is that they might grow their hair luxuriously beautiful and long; however, their thick silky furs do not shed. Other than that, they are cute puppies that are easily differentiated because of their white fur. With that said, Bishon requires frequent brushing and grooming, so they are less likely to produce dander.


Individuals with allergies and immense love for dogs can still enjoy being a pet parent, but for that, research is very necessary. And as you read, there are many small and big hypoallergenic dogs, but only you can decide which one is the best for you. 

However, keep in mind that hypoallergenic dogs still require timely grooming and brushing sessions that are both good for you and your dog. 

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