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Can Dogs And Cats Get Along?

By February 6, 2020June 12th, 2020Cats, Dogs

With careful planning, yes! Cats and dogs can get along. Before you have a multi-pet home, assessing the dog you have or are planning to get is important. Here’s why.

When getting a dog for a multi-pet home, you need to assess its behavior. Dogs that have socialized with people or other animals from puppyhood would be a good fit. Dogs which are prone to aggressive behavior, with habits of chasing other animals, or has history of seriously injuring or killing other animals is not recommended. If you have a dog that has a calm temperament, you can then move on to assessing the cat.

For cats, one thing to look out for is how the cat would react in stressful situations. A cat that is quick to claw or hit another animal in response to fear may not be suitable as it may injure other animals. In the case of dogs, dogs that are prone to getting serious injuries like getting blinded belong to breeds that are brachycephalic or dogs that have bulging eyes like pugs.