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How Do I Care For A Small Dog?

By February 6, 2020June 12th, 2020Dogs

Small dogs or lapdogs are generally dogs that are less than eighteen inches tall and weight less than twenty pounds. Read on to find a general guide on how to care for a small dog.

You first start by researching the breed of dog it is. This gives you an idea of their appearance, temperament, behavior, possible health issues and other needs. Feed them on a regular schedule and avoid feeding them human food. Limit their treats to small amounts. Access to clean water is a must. A well hydrated dog would help keep them healthy.

Provide a comfortable sleeping area for your dog, may it be a dog bed or padding the crate.

Grooming, routine checkups at the veterinarian, vaccines and spaying or neutering your dog keeps their health issues in check.

Providing mental stimulation, exercise, training and socializing are ways to bond with your dog besides playing with it. They will be attached to their owners from having a healthy relationship.