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How To Brush Dogs Teeth?

By April 6, 2020June 12th, 2020Dogs

Brushing your dog’s teeth is as important as brushing your own. Clean teeth are essential as they signify the healthy condition of our body. The dog’s teeth can become a breeding ground for bacteria and other diseases if they are not kept clean. But the question is “how to brush dogs teeth?”

One of the most important things to realize before training your dog is they  require patience. Your dog is not accustomed to getting his teeth cleaned with a brush and toothpaste so he might be hard to handle for the first few days.

Tips To Get Your Dog To Brush Teeth

  • Show your dog that teeth brushing is not optional and is an important part of the daily routine. Make it a habit to brush his teeth every morning and night.
  • Make it fun and playful.
  • Introduce your dog to the toothbrush first so he knows it’s nothing harmful or painful. Let him lick the brush and play with it so he feels comfortable with it.
  • This process may take several days. You can treat your dog with some tuna or beef before attempting to put the toothbrush in his mouth to make the experience pleasurable.
  • Once your dog knows brushing teeth is now a routine he will obey and listen to let you brush his teeth.

Why is it Important to Brush Dogs Teeth?

What would happen to our teeth if we don’t brush? The tartar and plaque would build up and rot the teeth in no time. The same would happen with dogs and the accumulation of plaque and tartar can cause infections, the bleeding of gums and other dental problems.

Therefore, it is imperative to brush your dog’s teeth at least once a day, if not daily.

How To Brush Dogs Teeth?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to brush dogs’ teeth.

Start Early

The best time to develop healthy habits in your dog is puppyhood. You can start brushing dogs teeth when he is as young as 8 weeks.

Get a Dog Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Never use toothpaste and brushes designed for humans on dogs. That’s because human toothpaste has Fluoride and other ingredients toxic to dogs. If swallowed, human toothpaste can cause vomiting and kidney problems in dogs.

Furthermore, the structure of dogs’ teeth is different than that of humans, therefore they require special toothbrushes and pastes.

However, be mindful of the flavor as dog toothpaste come in several flavors that your dog might love or hate. For this, let your dog lick the toothpaste from your fingers. If he likes it then continue, otherwise choose a different flavor.

Choose the right time

Always start when your dog is happy, calm and in the right mood to learn.

The Brushing Process

  1. Show toothbrush to the dog and let it inspect and play with the toothbrush first
  2. Once he is comfortable with the toothbrush, you can start brushing his teeth
  3. Gently lift your dog’s face. Open the mouth and brush a few teeth
  4. Start from the outsides of teeth, move gently back and forth and move to the insides
  5. Once your dog is accustomed to brushing the teeth, make it a routine

How Often to Brush Dogs Teeth?

It is recommended to brush your dog’s teeth twice a day every day, just like you would brush your own. However, some dogs might not behave well while brushing their teeth and this might cause difficulties for you and your dog. In such cases it is suggested to clean and brush dogs teeth a few times a week instead.

You can also provide your dog with some dog toys as treats to get their teeth cleaned automatically without a hassle.

How To Keep Dog’s Teeth Healthy Naturally?

No matter how hard you try to develop the habit of brushing for dogs, some dogs can take years for tooth brush training and this might be overwhelming to the owner.

The good thing is you can still keep your friend’s teeth strong and healthy by following a healthy balanced diet and other natural remedies.

Dry Kibble

Make sure to offer your dog dry kibble with large pieces so he could chew it well. This will lower the tartar buildup in the teeth.

Raw Vegetables & Bones

Raw and healthy vegetables such as carrots are great low calorie treats that help to clean your dog’s teeth.

Similarly, raw meaty bones and windpipe and chicken necks are great to clean the teeth.

3 Best Dogs Teeth Cleaning Supplies

For teeth brushing and general cleaning overall there are several supplies and dental kits available!  We have listed down 3 best dog teeth cleaning supplies that  will work best for your canine.

  • Leaves your pup with fresh breath and healthy teeth & gums
  • Yummy peanut flavored toothpaste made right here in the USA your dog will love
  • Cleans teeth and freshens breath easily
  • Denta-C scientifically formulated to reduce plaque that harbors bacteria
  • Features an angled neck for better reach and nylon bristles to clean between teeth
TRY Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dog Dental Kit

  • A toothbrush kit that contains both a traditional-style, dual-ended toothbrush and a handy finger brush.
  • Includes an enzymatic toothpaste that’s effective in polishing and removing plaque easily from teeth in both dogs and cats
  • The ergonomically designed toothbrush for dog and cats of all sizes has both a large and small head, plus the soft bristles help remove food debris and plaque
  • The poultry-flavored, non-foaming toothpaste can safely be swallowed and doesn’t need to be rinsed out
  • Comes with a finger brush, which is great for fidgety pups or as a starter brush to ease your pal into a new routine
TRY Vetoquinol Vet Solutions Toothbrush Kit

  • Kit includes one 3.5 tube of veterinarian-formulated gel toothpaste and a triple-headed toothbrush
  • Toothpaste is formulated with enzymes, neem oil, grapefruit seed extract, baking soda and aloe
  • Gently cleans away plaque and tartar, whitens and brightens teeth, and freshens breath
  • Toothbrush features three bristle heads to make brushing fast and easy, working to clean from all angles
  • Comfort grip handles makes it enjoyable for you; the great taste makes it fun for your dog
TRY Vet's Best Enzymatic Dog Dental Care Kit


Teeth cleaning in dogs is often misconceived as the most difficult job because dogs are restless and they can sometimes be too aggressive.

Dog teeth cleaning is not as difficult as it seems but require patience and perseverance. This article sheds light on how to brush dog’s teeth properly and how to keep them healthy naturally.

If you notice that your dog has developed plaque and tartar on his teeth immediately consult a vet to control the dental disease.

All in all, adopt a regular dog teeth cleaning routine to combat oral problems and diseases and eliminate the need to hire a professional dog dental care.

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