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How to Name Your Dog: Cool, Creative Dog Name Tips

By December 2, 2021January 19th, 2023Sponsored Posts
How to Name Your Dog: Cool, Creative Dog Name Tips

Finding the Perfect Name for Your Furry Friend: How to Name Your Dog with Cool and Creative Dog Name Tips and Tricks.  Naming a dog sounds fun, but it can also become frustrating when you cannot decide on a single name. However, if you are looking for a dog name, chances are you adopted a new dog, so first of all, good decision, and secondly, congratulations. Now your whole family is going to have a new canine friend around all day long. 

It sure makes you happy buying all those toys, treats, and food for your pup but are you ready to deal with the next step of naming it? 

We all want a name for our dog that is creative, unique, clever, cool, and also reeks of the adoration that you have for your pet. Moreover, choosing a name for your dog that is not too complicated and makes some sense is not easy. After all, we are all kind of tired of hearing Bailey, Max, and Jack way too much, and Steven and Scout do not seem that interesting at this point, right?

So, we are here with some cool suggestions and tips to help you give your pet a cool and good name that will not make dozens of dogs turn their heads when you call for your pup in a park. Let’s share some of the tips that will help you find a name for any of your pets.

The Names with a Vowel at the End Work Best

There is some science behind giving your dog a name that ends with a vowel. Specially the names that end with y or vowels with change tone when you call your pet. Dogs have a different and higher hearing frequency range than humans, so it is fairly easy to get their attention with a vowel name. Of course, names like Daisy, Rossi, and Rocco all work well too.  

Choose a Name with Two Syllables

Your pet’s name is something you would be calling a lot, so it is better to choose one with ideally no more than two syllables because you will probably be inclined to shorten it anyway. The best way to choose whether or not a name is suitable for your pet is by repeating it several times. If you think it is comfortable even after repeating it ten or fifteen times, then choose it as your pet’s name. 

People often name their dog Nicodemus or Puppoccino, which no doubt sounds cute, but after four or five times, you won’t feel like saying that again. 

Do Not Choose the Names that are Unique but Offensive

Try to void names that sound funny to you but could be embarrassing or insulting for others. It is good to steer clear of any name that is has a curse word, cultural or racial slur, general insult, or crass slang in it. Would you like to call Jackass or doofus out loud again and again and have your whole neighborhood hear it? A lot of people would feel uncomfortable if you call your dog gypsy Moth or Niger as they both reek of racial and cultural slurs. 

Do Not Pick Creative Names That Might Get Mixed with Commands

Before giving your pet, a name thinks long and hard if it rhymes with or sounds like any command. So, you should also think frequently about the commands you will be giving your pet as it would save you a lot of frustration and headache later. Like Fray could be confused with stay, and Bo could easily get mixed with go by your pet. You would not want your dog to feel like you are yelling No while you are just calling their name to catch their attention. 

Make Sure to Choose a Name That Does Not Sound Like Your Other Pets

It is important that you name your dogs that do not sound similar, or you would end up getting your dogs confused a lot. If they have names that are not very dissimilar to each other, they would probably not be able to differentiate them and act accordingly. Like Jackie and Blackie would get confused, but Daisy and Diesel would work perfectly fine.

Keep Your Pet’s Looks and Personality Under Consideration

It is always good to take into consideration how your pet looks like; people go with specific black and white dog names like snow, pearl, marshmallow for the white ones, and onyx, midnight for the black pups. 

However, it is always better to keep your dog’s personality in view as well as the appearance. As a female, Shih Tzu is often named Bella because it looks like a royal princess, and bulldogs get the name butterball a lot because of the obvious reasons. However, it is good to name your dog after an athlete if your dog is super active and runs around a lot. 

If You Choose a Long Name, Make Sure to Have Some Nicknames 

It is better if you do not give your dog a long name like General Fluffy Beethoven unless you would not have any issues calling your dog a simple name like General or Fluffy. Longer names would just make it hard for you to call your pet later. 

Be Careful While Changing an Adult Dog Name

You should try not to change the name of an adult dog but if you must do that, then choose something that rhymes with the name they already have. Like Wuzzy can be changed to Fuzzy or Lilli and Milly can be swapped too but changing Rio to Brett would not be such a good idea.

Now You Know Everything About How to Give Your Pet a Creative and Cool Name

So, naming your dog is a fun process, but being aware of the tips that we mentioned above can make it a lot easier for you. These things will also help you choose a name that is practical as well as creative. 

We hope this article helped you choose a great name for your pet. For more content related to dogs, keep visiting our website.

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