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Ways to Give Your Dog More Mental Stimulation

By January 27, 2020June 12th, 2020Dogs

Dogs need mental stimulation just as much as they require physical exercise.  Dogs lacking mental stimulation will get bored and discover ways to “entertain” themselves with bad practices, for example, whimpering, extreme woofing, tail chasing, biting on furniture and personal belongings. Dogs will also dig gaps in the yard.

Much the same as people give their kids more mental stimulation throughout everyday life, little dogs also like to have the same. Also, as your little dog grows, mental stimulation must be part of your dog’s life.

There are several ways you can mentally stimulate your dog, the vast majority of which don’t include any huge costs. Here are our preferred choices:

Make Your Dog Work for Treats

Hiding treats for your dog to discover is one of the best methods to keep your dog mentally stimulated. You can begin with basically pushing your dog to pick which of your hands (shut into clench hands), has the treat. Then, you can switch things up to hiding treats in various places of the house and afterward, to areas outside of the house, for example, your balcony or close to the fence. You can also construct obstacle training, handle boxes and sharp biting. Hide the treats inside the course and toward the finish of the course. Discovering treats turn out to be progressively fun and challenging for your dog.

Provide interactive Toys

Dogs love playing with toys. They love balls, bite toys, Frisbees, back-and-forth toys, even boxes, and baskets. Nevertheless, on the off chance that you need to inspire your dog’s mind, you ought to give your dog, interactive toys, for example, those that contain food.  Most dog toys are made of plastic and you can put treats inside.  When your dog needs to get to the food or the treat then it will roll the toy with its nose to get the food.

Agility Training

Agility training gives your dog a blend of physical and mental stimulation.  You really should try making an obstacle course utilizing strict compartments, inclines, compact stairs, or passages.  You can keep your dog mentally stimulated by adding your dogs favorite treat inside the training area or by giving treats when it completes the course.

Visits to Dog parks

Dog parks are incredible spots to take your dog. These are mostly walled-in areas where dogs can run free under the care of pet owners.   But be warned,  your dog might get distracted and hyper by seeing various dogs and different individuals at the dog park at first. We recommend keeping your dog on a leash when you take your dog to the park for the first time.

Walking your Dog

Walking your dog is the absolute best exercise for you and your dog; however, it can get really boring and repetitive for both of you on the off chance that you remain on a similar walking route each day.  To counter this, get creative and pick a different walking path.  Discover new neighborhoods and change your pace. Walkthrough a forest or a park or go along a lakeside. The smell of a diverse environment will help mentally stimulate your dog. It will additionally give your pet something new to anticipate each time you go out.

Obedience training

It is quite usual that old dogs can adapt to new tricks. Whether you enlist your dog in obedience work or a class on obedience practices at home.  Honestly any activities that put your dog in a working process will mentally stimulate your dog.

At whatever point, if you feel your dog is getting bored, increase the training for the entire day at 15 minutes sequels. In the same way as  activities for humans, selection keeps things intriguing for them. Track your dog’s advancement and do similar exercises each day.

Clicker train your dog

Clicker training is an incredible method to stimulate your mind and your dog’s brain as well. It isn’t that easy, yet using a clicker is a successful strategy for uplifting feedback training. It supports dogs through a sound affiliation (the clicker) and treats are rewarded when the dog makes the best decision.

Dogs love hide-and-seek

Remember playing hide and seek as a child?  As you run and take cover behind bushes when your dog is distracted with digging and sniffing. At the point when it takes a rest, your dog will naturally search for you and will look through each niche and corner until they finds you.

Tennis ball and Muffin tin game

Simple, reasonable, Easy and fun, the muffin tin and tennis balls game keep your dog tested and engaged. Place little coursing treats, for example, sweet potato or get dried out liver in a muffin tin and hide them with tennis balls. Your dog’s critical thinking abilities become possibly the most crucial factor as it plans a procedure to fetch the balls and get the treats. This game is ideal for little and youthful dogs, as it’s pretty straightforward. However, at that point, any game where treats are included in a game with cause most dogs to play.

Give your dog a task to complete

Dogs are designed to finish or perform tasks, for example, herding and chasing. At the point when they aren’t ready to achieve these kinds of tasks, they might get anxious. Communicate with your dog in a round of Frisbee. Get him associated with a game like Flyball.  Take your dog for a long walk, swim, or climb. Search for the tasks that fit your dog’s breed. If you have a retriever, for instance, a friendly game of fetch would be great satisfaction.


In the end, your dog might get lazy or bored, but if you keep it engaged with some mental and physical training, your dog would be much active than ever. It takes some creativity and some innovation to design or make an activity that your dog will like. Trying different activities with your dog and this will enhance your mutual bonding as well as the physical and mental health of your dog.  Be sure to check out our other tips and tricks to keep your pets healthy and happy.

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