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What Do I Need When I Get A New Puppy?

By February 6, 2020June 12th, 2020Dogs

When getting a new puppy, you should have the following items ready. Read on for more.

Some paperwork essentials to get to know your new pet would be its vaccination history, worming history, its pedigree, photos of the sire and dam. Training and behavioral notes observed would be handy to have as well.

What you should have ready when the puppy moves into a new home is the same type of food that the puppy has been fed in its previous environment for an easier transition. You should have a feeding schedule ready to keep track as it will gradually increase as your puppy grows.

Be sure to bring along old toys that has its mother’s scent and mix it up with some new toys. You should have a collar and leash to bring it for walks too.

These are some of the basic items you should have when getting a new puppy.