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When and Why Should My Dog Wear A Muzzle?

By March 29, 2020June 12th, 2020Dogs

When and Why Should My Dog Wear a Muzzle?

Woof! A furry friend enters your life and makes it complete. All they want is unconditional love and the basics (food and water). In today’s world, you will find there are too many dog lovers and adopting pets has become a common practice.  Whenever you find a dog’s mouth in a muzzle or the head in a cone, the instant thought is – ”That dog must be aggressive!”

This is a controversial topic and we may have a difference of opinion so the best thing to do in this case is provide some facts and education on the matter. We will also see that the dog muzzle can be quite beneficial for your pooch, in some cases.  It’s not only aggressive dogs that need to wear a muzzle.

Please note that dog muzzles should never be used for punishing a dog or getting rid of a behavioral problem. Let’s discuss when and why should your dog wear a muzzle. Let’s get started!

Your Frightened Furry Friend

Let’s take the example of human beings. What if you someone messes with you or touches you unnecessarily? Nobody likes being touched without approval. In case you have an open wound or you are in pain, you would not like the idea of people poking at you or waking you up from a deep slumber.

Similarly dogs could get irritated with human contact when they are in pain. A wounded dog or a sick dog would want to maintain distance from others. Never touch a wounded dog or a frightened dog because they tend to defend. For defense, they would probably start barking or may even bite you.

If you are leaving your dog in some sort of day boarding or another home, consider muzzling your dog. This will protect the people and he/she will not bite other dogs in the boarding home. Just like human beings, dogs have a way to display irritation too. They cannot speak to you through words, but a snarling dog basically means that you should back off.

The Seven Convincing Reasons to Muzzle Your Dog

We will give you seven convincing reasons to put a muzzle on dogs. However, we have compiled two reasons why this may not be a good idea.

1. If you are going to the veterinarian, consider putting dog muzzles. When the doctor puts a shot in the rear of the dog, they feel the pain. Your dog does not like getting a shot and that’s precisely why you need to close their mouth. What if they bite the doctor? A muzzle on your dog will keep everyone safe – the attendant, doctor and YOU.

2. Going to a new location? A holiday, perhaps? Make sure you carry the dog muzzle. Pet-friendly resorts and hotels are great! However, your dog’s behavior may be unpredictable. Please know that everyone in this world is not a pet lover.

3. Different dog breeds react differently around children. If your dog is friendly but has never socialized with little children, it is best to put a muzzle on their mouth. While kids are harmless, but some tend to get experimental and jumpy. They might just start playing with the tail or irritate your dog to another level.

4. If your dog is injured, put a muzzle on dog as they may get aggressive. They have no other way to communicate! Hence, an injured dog may react aggressively to anyone who is bothering them!

5. When you are in a canine event or a dog fest, your pooch will meet hundred other dogs. This is when things can get a little bit out of hand! There are bigger dogs and even smaller aggressive dogs who may start a fight with your pooch. It is best to use muzzles for dogs. You do not want your dog to hurt other dogs in the fest.

6. Your dog may not be as friendly as other dogs. They are protective and like to stay with their family members. Any new face can be threatening to them. If your dog is aggressive to strangers and new dogs, simply put on the muzzle on your dog. Accept the fact that your dog is aggressive! Having a possessive/protective dog is quite normal.

7. Finally, you can put on a muzzle on a dog as a training exercise. Your dog should be able to wear it without any complaints! So we hope these examples answer the question: When and Why Should My Dog Wear A Muzzle?

Are there any negative effects of muzzling your dog?

Another question that our readers ask is – Are muzzles bad for dogs?

The muzzle should be worn for a brief period of time and not a long duration. It prevents the dog from doing regular activities such as eating, sniffing and drinking water. Speak to a trainer and ask them about the duration!  Secondly, if you find that your dog is showcasing behavioral issues, find a solution before putting on a muzzle. Do not put a dog muzzle to punish them! If they are not eating their food, it is because they may not be hungry. If they are chewing something out of boredom, give them a toy or something edible to chew.

Concluding Thoughts

In case your dog reacts poorly (biting or snapping) then muzzle them for a brief period of time. This is because you want to calm him/her down! How would you like it if someone puts a muzzle on you for ill-treating someone?  While the muzzle is a good way to control the situation, one should never keep the dog’s mouth in it for a long time. Use it whenever it is necessary! Please read the above-mentioned 7 reasons before muzzling the dog. When and Why Should My Dog Wear A Muzzle is just opinion based with some facts, so please take this lightly.

You can get puppy muzzles as well! This is used when the puppy starts teething and has no control over the biting habit. You can put on the puppy muzzle for some time and remove it once they have calmed down. Another way to handle this situation is to give chewing toys or calcium bones to your puppy. Keeping them busy will be helpful!

So, invest in a dog muzzle but use it occasionally. Your pooch loves you dearly but whenever the situation requires you to muzzle them, you can do it but for a short period of time.

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