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Why Does My Dog Keep Sneezing?

By January 30, 2020June 12th, 2020Dogs

There are a few reasons why your dog sneezes. Read on to find out why!

If you play with your dog or have seen your dog play with others, you may notice that it sneezes in the midst of the action. This is a Play Sneeze. It is a way your dog is communicating that it is just fooling around and being non threatening. This type of sneeze is of least concern.

What you should be concerned about is when your dog sneezes uncontrollably and has traces of blood. If your dog paws at its nose or keeps rubbing it on the ground, check for any debris and carefully remove it. Sometimes you may notice that your dog makes a gasping or choking sound. This is a reverse sneeze and is caused by a reflex that helps your dog remove irritants.

Allergies can also be a reason why your dog keeps sneezing. Contact your vet to formulate a plan to identify and isolate your dog from its allergies.

If your dog keeps snorting and appears to be gasping for breath. Take it to the vet immediately! For smaller breeds, this could be a sign of something more serious.