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5 Best Brain Games For Your Dog

By February 23, 2021March 17th, 2021Dogs

5 Best Brain Games For Your Dog is our latest article! As much as a healthy balanced diet with a good exercise routine is essential for your little puppy, their mental health is just as important. Or might we say, a little more than necessary. It is human nature, and our dogs as well, to get tired of the same-old tedious routine, hence we look for new ways to keep ourselves entertained. The same goes for our beloved pet friends also.

Although, keeping a dog entertained can be a little bit challenging. It requires one’s efforts and a dozen of searches to ultimately find ways that can be helpful in keeping dogs occupied with productive activities; however, with the expense of time, everything becomes physically enervating. And for that reason, it is crucial to keep dogs mentally challenged and engaged in activities that will keep them away from exhibiting negative energies.

How To Keep Your Dog Mentally Stimulated?

New owners often fill up their browsing history to know more and more about their pet dog, to keep themselves aware of their dog’s health and nutritional requirements, exercise routines, and hygienic facts. Anyone who is an animal lover and a keeper for years would suggest the same; to do research and get as much information that one can gather about their new companion.  A dog owner will quickly learn that enrichment and play are important for dogs

And if you have already planned to search for the best brain games for dogs on Google, we suggest you hold your search for a minute, as we have enlisted the 5 Best Brain Games for Your Dog all ready for you.


The Shell Game

This game is the most challenging and yet the most liked among dogs of any kind and breed. It is simple to play and catch on, and you must have seen people play this game with their pets and as well as their toddlers. All you require is cups (2 or more, depending on your choice) and a bunch of your dog’s favorite treats. Place the cups upside down, and make sure your dog watches you place the treat inside the cup. When you are sure that your dog is following your movements, start by sliding cups; so they change their position once in a while. We suggest not rushing your dog to come and select any of the cups at your command. It is better to wait and let your dog come to you and pick a cup. If your dog selects the right one, let it have the treat that your pet deserves.

 And if your dog does not select the right cup, take the treat from under the cup yourself and show your dog, but do not let it have it. This way, it will help to keep your dog mentally focused on the positions of the cup and under which you have placed the treat.

If your dog does not catch up with the game in the first few tries, then do not hustle! This game might seem easy and simple to most pets, but for some dogs, it requires time and a lot of brainwork, so shower words of encouragement and praise to your dog whenever he guesses the right subject.

Hide And Seek

Well, almost every one of us has spent our childhood with giggles while playing hide and seek with our friends. By far, it has to be the most enjoyable game for us to play, and the same goes for dogs. Dogs love to play hide and seek with their owners. Sometimes, we do not even recall starting the game and yet we find ourselves bent beside a couch, calling our little friend out from its hiding place. As much as it sounds exciting, it is twice as mentally stimulating for your dog.

Here is how to start playing hide and seek with your dog;

  • Ask a friend to distract your dog, or command your dog to sit right in place when you go and find the right place to hide.
  • Once you have hidden, call your dog.
  • Wait until your dog finds you.
  •  When they catch you, reward them with praises, pets, or treats.

This game will not only help your dogs to think more but also encourage them to use their senses of smell rightfully, which is again best for your dogs.

Countdown To Kibble

It is the best food game for dogs. At first, it seems like it is just about eating and rewarding your dog with its favorite treats; however, it is much more than that. Have you ever thought that offering your dog kibbles can also make its vocabulary good? You would be surprised!

Here is how you can make your dog’s vocabulary better by playing games;

  • Hold a larger amount of kibbles, preferably five, in one hand and at least two in the other. Make sure your dog watches you put them in your fist.
  • Close your hands in fists and outstretch them towards your dog.
  • Tell them to pick the “small” one.
  • Reward your dog if it picks the “small” one correctly.
  • If they do not pick the right one as you have asked for, start the game again until your dog fully understands.

Teach your dog “big” if it picks the right hand every time.  If you don’t have time at the moment to sit down with your dog, you could always stuff a kong with a tasty treat for your dog to find.

Puzzles For Dogs

These days, dog owners’ top pick for best brain games for dogs is ‘Puppies Puzzle Games’. They are easily available in the stores, and almost every puzzle piece is different from the one you saw at the last stall. Although they vary in color, shapes, and sizes, they all have one thing in common; reward at the end of every success.

Like any other brain game, puzzles are a great way to provide mental stimulation for your dog and keep them occupied for some time. A few of the puzzles might be very easy, but some may be a little more challenging for the dogs.

So, we suggest you start making DIY puzzles out of muffin tins if you have never given a puzzle to your dog before.

Rope Jump

Jumping rope for dogs requires the mind and eye coordination simultaneously, with, of course, bodywork. Your dog’s full concentration should be on the pace of the robe, jumping, and in the meantime, targeting a marked spot on the ground where he/she has to land.

Here is how to teach rope jump to your dog;

  • Start by marking a spot on the ground. Teach your dog to sit still and ask to jump one the same spot a couple of times.
  • When your dog masters the ‘jumping from one spot and landing on the same spot’ game, add in the rope while teaching your dog to jump every time the rope comes down.

Rope jumping will take a lot of practice and focus from you and your dog as well, but it will also help to strengthen your dog’s mental and physical skills.


Playing these fun and mindful games not only helps to kill the time but also helps to strengthen the bond between you and your loving dog. Other than that, they can help increase your dog’s confidence and reduce separation anxiety.

Although these games are best for mental stimulation for dogs, they have to be played under the strict supervision of dog owners to prevent any material ingestion that is used as supplies for making various games for your dogs. 

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