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8 Simple Tips for Cleaning Up Dog Hair

By January 19, 2020June 12th, 2020Dogs

If you are a dog lover and own a dog then one of the many things you may be anxious about is cleaning dog hair. Dogs are loving creatures and loyal human friends. But keeping your place tidy is somewhat of a mysterious act if you live with a dog. Nevertheless, Here are some tips to enhance your experience with your pet and cleaning dog hair as well.

There are numerous ways of cleaning a dog’s hair that would last a few days but getting rid of them permanently could be a bit challenging. If you don’t own any kind of vacuum or something for cleaning dog hair then you might consider sticking to the basics. From floor mops to dog’s hair removal brush there are loads of household items that can come in handy while cleaning all that pesky fur around you.


  1. Using Windshield Squeegee:

One of the most common household items is a windshield or window squeegee that some of us use to clean the windows of our houses. The fact you might not know is that windshield squeegee or window squeegee is a great tool that works very well for cleaning dog nose prints on the window but also for cleaning dog hair from carpet. A nice window squeegee is handy for collecting piles of fur from the carpet. Moreover, swiping it against the carpet a few times and you will get a nice and clean carpet and a pile of fur on the other hand and you are good to go.


  1. Using a Sticky Lint Roller:

Picking up the hair around your house could be a challenging task. Lint removers come in handy for collecting fur and lint from your clothes but they also perform a Magnificent job of cleaning dog hair from carpet, Couch and other fabricated or non-fabricated surfaces. Just roll on top of the loose pet hair on the surface. A sticky lint roller works like a champ. However, a downside to that is they run out much faster than you would expect.


  1. Use of a Duct Tape:

If you are a dog owner then you might be familiar with the situation when you notice that your clothes are full for loose pet hair and you might be running late for work as well. In such situations, you may regret not owning a lint remover too. The best alternative for cleaning all of that fur is using Duct tape. Use a small piece of duct tape to remove the pesky fur off of your bed, clothes, and carpet. Since it works like a Voodoo.


  1. Use of Dryer Sheets

Are you distressed by all the fur sticking around your house? Are you having issues with collecting loose pet hair from your couch? Or perhaps your pillow is full of your dog’s hair and you can’t sleep without cleaning it every night. Dryer sheets are the most reliable way of cleaning dog hair. You can swipe them almost everywhere to clean the fur and loose pet hair. Make sure to keep some nearby as of now you know they are a great tool against cleaning dog hair.


  1. Use of Vacuum:

Vacuums are a great work of science and technology when it comes to cleaning. They can suck almost any waste from your cleaning surface. But what you might not know is vacuum cleaners can perform a stunning job when it comes to cleaning dog hair embedded in your carpet. Cleaning the hair in the way you clean with a vacuum may not help but if you try to suck the hair from the opposite side you may start to notice a surprising amount of loose pet hair gone. Just make sure to use the proper pet grooming attachment with your vacuum before start cleaning.


  1. Use of Dampened Mop:

If you live in a house that has a vinyl or hardwood floor instead of a carpet. Then cleaning the annoying dog hair might be easier for you as you can simply use dampened mop on the surface and the mop will collect hair like a magnet. However, Make sure to dry off the surface afterward. As the standing water is the best place for clinging the fur and also a birthplace of harmful bacteria.


  1. Using Blankets and Covers on the Furniture:

One thing you should consider if you are looking for long-term pet hair-free surroundings is covering your furniture with cover sheets when not in use. Using a sheet where your dog sleeps could also be a pleasant choice. You can also use couch covers to keep your couch pet hair-free.


  1. Using a Grooming Glove:

Using a grooming Glove is also a fairly easy way to clean pet hair. You should give a thought of using a grooming glove or a rubber glove to pet your dog to collect loose hair. You can also use the same technique on the furniture to collect the pet hair. It is less of a hassle as you can save yourself the extra effort of cleaning dog hair. Just like that a damp sponge also acts like a magnet to clean pet hair. Using it to clean the pesky fur works like a charm.


Bonus Tips:

If you are a dog owner and looking forward to adding some drills in your daily routine to save yourself from dog shedding or at least minimize it. There are few bonus tips to help clean or to prevent cleaning dog hair.

Brushing your dog is one of the easiest ways to prevent the shedding and make the environment fur-free. It is one of those habits that you should add to your daily routine to reduce the overall dog shedding. A few minutes of nice dog brushing should work like a charm.

Your veterinarian can also suggest a specific type of dog brush according to the type of hair your dog has. On the contrary Using a proper brush can help you lessen the shedding hair. Hence leaving you and your house a place with minimal pet hair and environment-friendly.

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