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Dogs With Curly Tails

By April 27, 2020June 12th, 2020Dogs

Dogs with curly tails look adorably perfect. Whether it is the gracious Basenji or the introverted Chow Chow, curly tails on dogs make everything look more attractive and beautiful.

In ancient times, when dogs were domesticated, people preferred wild dogs and wolves with curly tails over those with the straight ones. The idea of taming dogs with curly tails prospered with time as the curly-tailed pooches proved out to be better companions and more civilized.

While in some dogs, curly tails are a sign of illness, others are born this way where the curled tail is a symbol of a funky spine.

Here’s a list of 10 dog breeds with curly tails.

#1 Basenji


Basenji is the dog with the cat’s characteristics; stubborn, independent and reserved. Apart from these characteristics, Basenji is quite different from the other breeds of dogs. The first thing that makes basenji distinct is their noise. Basenji doesn’t bark like other breeds, however, whine or cry like an isolated fox bark. They are largely silent and a calm breed of dog which makes them a perfect fit for people with tiny homes.

Basenji Curly Tails

Apart from Besenji’s erect ears and wrinkled forehead, their curled tail is the most enchanting feature which starts thick at the base and tapers to a curly tip.

The tightness of the tail’s curls depends on the Basenji’s mood. The more energetic the dog is, the tighter the curls are.

#2 Lhasa Apso


This small breed of dog is aloof with strangers but they are friendly around their owner. The intrusive attitude of Lhasa Apso comes from their guarding instincts and so they will guard their home fearlessly. Overall, Lhasa Apso is an easygoing breed of dog who likes to stay indoors with a nice regular walk around the park.

Lhasa Apso’s Curly Tails

The tail of Lhasa Aspo is beautiful, long and curly which is covered in a well-feathered coat and carried over their back.

#3 Chow Chow


With their cute squished face, thick lustrous mane and a blue and black tongue, Chow Chow breeds stand out from the crowd. The Chow Chow is an adorable breed of dogs with an independent, aggressive nature and so serves as the best watchdog.

Nevertheless, they can be good companions for the right owners.

Chow Chow’s Curly Tail

Chow Chow is graced with the beautiful curly tail which accentuates so well with their straight as arrow hind legs.

#4 Pugs


Pugs are known as adorably funny pets who love humans and social interactions. Their wrinkled face, short snouts, and large eyes are an aesthetic quality that is uniquely their own. They are low maintenance pets with a beautiful coat that is easy to maintain and care for.

Pug’s Curly Tail

Pug’s tailbone is wedge-shaped that brings fine and tight curls to their tails. The tighter the curls, the better. Most of the pugs have rare double curls which are perfect. The curly tail only uncurls when the pug is sleeping or bothered.

#5 Akita


Akita is the most beloved dog in Japanese history known for their loyalty. Much of Akita’s popularity comes from a Japanese story of HACHIKO who waited for his erstwhile owner for year in, year out. Akita was meant to be a fighting dog, but now they are just the doggo version of teddies. Cuddable and cute.

Akita’s Curly Tail

Akita has a sickle-shaped tail that is flexible with a less extreme curl. However, these Akita’s tail is a plush tail covered in the thick mane that curls over his back.

#6 Finnish Spitz


Finnish Spitz, as the name suggests, is a breed originated from Finland. They are extremely energetic, lively and friendly dogs that love to bark! However, they don’t get along with dogs and pets they don’t know. In some parts of the world, they are still used for hunting.

Finnish Spitz’s Curly Tail

Finnish Spitz sports a graceful, fluffy tail that curls up over their back. The tail is covered with a thick, healthy mane that gives the tail a magnificent look.

#7 Eurasier


With the independent traits of Chow Chow, the intelligence of Wolf Spitz and the energy of Samoyed, Eurasier has proven to be the most active, playful, loyal and intelligent breeds of dogs. They have a wedge-shaped head and dark big eyes that give them a striking resemblance to wolves. Eurasier is an extremely calm and soft breed of dog especially when they are indoors. When outdoors, they love action and attention!

Eurasier’s Curly Tails

The Eurasier is graced with a healthy tail with beautiful curls. This double-coated breed shed a lot, therefore, they demand to groom, however, the coat is pretty easy to deal with.

#8 Alaskan Malamute


Alaskan Malamute is a large breed of dogs that appear to be aggressive and fierce, but they act otherwise. They are powerful but patient dogs and very good with humans, especially children. They are meant to survive in extremely cold climates and therefore don’t get along with warm and humid temperatures.

Alaskan Malamute’s Curly Tails

Alaskan Malamute carries a furry curly tail. The tail is not coiled like in some breeds of dogs but with loose curls carried on the back of their spine. When at rest, they carry their tails over the back like plumes.

#9 Shikoku


Shikoku is the dog with a Japanese origin that needs early socialization to avoid aggressive behaviour. They are social, playful and love to cuddle their owners, however, somewhat aloof with strangers and other unfamiliar dogs. They have a thick, double coat which is easy to maintain and erect ears that stand out.

Shikoku’s Curly Tails

Like many Japanese breeds, Shikoku’s have feathered curly tails curled over their backs.

#10 Elkhound


When you have an Elkhound, it’s hard on your part to find a more loyal companion. Elkhounds make the best family pets. They are loyal, excellent watchdogs with an intuitive personality. Elkhounds are intelligent dogs, however, it can be challenging to train one with strangers. If you wish to keep one, get ready for their aimless wandering and fearless barking.

Elkhound’s Curly Tails

Elkhounds have sickle curled tails with heavy coat to keep them warm in extreme conditions.


Dogs with curly tails are adorable and make the best family pets. The above list in the article enumerates the most loving curled tail dogs of all times. However, in some cases, the curly dog tail might be due to medical conditions and require immediate attention.

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